Teen Dance Programs

Teen Dance Programs

Teen Acro Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Acro is a 45 minute class which incorporates acrobatic skills, such as cartwheels, walk-over, handstands, aerials etc. Basic Jazz technique will also be taught in these classes. 0-3 +yrs Acro experience

Teen Ballet Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Our Teen Ballet dance class include barre, center, stretching, adagio and allegro work in a 45 minute class. The classes focus on both physical and intellectual understanding of how and why each movement should be executed. Strength, flexibility, grace, balance, poise and musicality will be developed along with an understanding of the principles of Ballet technique. **This is not a RAD Grade class but can be used to further your practice or simply an enjoyable Ballet Class. For those dancers interested in pursuing their RAD exams please notify your teacher, exam classes will open in October.

Teen Hip Hop Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Our Teen Hip Hop class is a great way to meet new friends and old in a 45 minute class. Great fun, high energy dance form that has its roots in jazz. Learn this urban street dancing popularized in dance music videos.

Teen Jazz Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Jazz is a very popular style of dance because it is energetic and fun. This 45 minute energy class that encourages rhythm, coordination, flexibility and strength.

Teen Lyrical & Contemporary Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Lyrical combines ballet, jazz and modern based movement. It is a very expressive form of dance that focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through motion with a contemporary modern feel. Contemporary dance assists with the development of creative and expressive movement as well as enhance spatial and body awareness as dancers gain fluidity, grace and control. Contemporary choreography pulls from a variety of other dance styles such as modern, jazz, lyrical, and ballet. It incorporates both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet as well as a unique focus on contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and the versatility of improvisation skills in a 45 minute class. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used as well.

Teen Pointe Classes

Age 12-17 Years

Pointe 1 (Beginner Pointe)

For Dancers working on: – Recreational Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet 3** – Inter Foundation , Inter and Advanced RAD Syllabus. – Competitive Dancer developing strong Pointe technique

Pointe 2 (Advanced Pointe)

For Dancers working on: – Recreational Dancer must be enrolled in Ballet 3, must have taken Pointe 1/Beginner Pointe** – Inter Foundation , Inter and Advanced RAD Syllabus. – Competitive Dancer developing advanced Pointe technique, must have taken Pointe 1/Beginner Pointe**

Teen Tap Classes

Age 12-17 Years

This 45 minute long fun, high energy class focuses on Tap technique, developing musicality, rhythm and precision. Improves physical fitness and self confidence.

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